Monday, August 4, 2014

Fall Changes

Gifts & Gadgets is changing from Summer to Fall Status

New Fall Colors are the Focus of Fall Fashions

Torri in Geni Pants
Pallazo pants, genie pants, tops with back bows and see through sections, & retro-inspired prints are all the rage this fall and are here now at Gifts & Gadgets. 

Wear these with the watches with colored bands and the fashionable Montana West sunglasses that are purchased with their own matching hard case for those on the go. 

Scarves and large purses make important fashion statements. Try the infinity scarves, perfect for the Texan climate since they are made from soft, light-weight gauzes, flowing nylon or polyesters. Necklaces and chunky earrings, caps with bling trim, and flip flops--what more do you need?

Fall Fashions

Saying "So Long," to Torri

Come by ASAP to say goodbye to Torri. She is returning to Sam Houston State University in mid-August. We wish her the best and eagerly await her visits home for the Christmas holidays.  

Ask Torri about the mystery of the genie pants she is modeling above. She might let you in on the secret.  

Ask Cindy about the comfortable yet sturdy Pallazo pants.

Saying "Hello" to new Local Teachers

Sweeny ISD has hired many new teachers for the upcoming school year. Merchants are busy helping local organizers get welcome packets ready for teacher workshops. Gifts & Gadgets welcomes those new to the community and those returning to our local schools. We appreciate those who work with children. Thanks for your contributions in shaping their future. 

Enjoy the rest of the Summer!! Preparation for Fall can be seen at Gifts & Gadgets.

It is almost shocking to realize that summer is practically over. We expect a hot August, but so far the days have been pleasant. The sundresses sold at Gifts & Gadgets are almost gone now. Hope you all enjoyed them.

Gifts & Gadgets has a few children's fashions in its close-out racks. These are being sold at greatly reduced prices. A decision has been made to not carry a children's line in the future. This change makes more room for gifts and for women's clothes.

The webpage is up now. Visit Gifts & Gadgets. Take a look inside the store. Tell us what you think.

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