Saturday, July 5, 2014

Get the Look, Texan Style

Hannah, with Texan Flair

Summers in Texas
Call for Cool Clothes

Flowing Tops, Shades, Straw Hats,

Cropped Pants, and Sandals with Bling

Here in Texas we know how to dress for a bright sun  and hot days. We wear shorts or cropped pants with flowing cotton t-shirts, silky tops, or sundresses. These outfits are worn with thick, flip-flop sandals trimmed with faux jewels. A light-weight hat or decorated visor and sunglasses protect us from the sun. A studded purse adds polish. 

All this is available at Gifts & Gadgets.

The Green top below on the right is perfect for a beach cover-up, a top over leggings, or a mini-dress. Of course, most everything goes with jeans.

A Fabulous Look

 Get the Look: Silky Sundresses are on Sale


That's right. A full rack of gorgeous, silky sundresses is on sale now at Gifts & Gadgets in Sweeny, TX. These are so wonderfully cool on those days when the temp soars above 95 or even 100, as it does here most of July and August.  

That silky look, left, comes from polyester or polyester spandex. It feels like nylon or the thinnest silk.  In sundresses of short, midi, or maxi lengths, it drapes beautifully. 

 Children's Clothes


Baby Clothes and Girls Ruffled Shorts
Don't forget to shop for children's clothes when you visit. There are baskets of hair bows, girl's jewelry, and girl's sandals with bling, just like Mom's. Shorts with chiffon ruffles, leggings trimmed with lace, and all those clothes that young girls desire to be as fashionable as all her friends.

Check out the boy's outfits, too.

Sit awhile

Gifts & Gadgets  offers shoppers a space to rest. There is a couch and a TV just waiting for you to relax and visit. Chat a bit. You will still have time to shop. 

Don't forget to browse for the gift items. From crosses to hand-made tea towels to scents, you will surely find that perfect item here.


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