Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Picnics and Gift Shops

Beautiful woman in pink...on beach copyright javindy - Fotolia.com
This is what many a beach in
 Brazoria County, TX, looks like.
Beautiful Woman in Pink...
Enjoying the Outdoors

Picnics in the park or at the beach are activities families here in Coastal Texas enjoy. There are tailgaters at events like outdoor concerts, mud racing, local sports events, and bonfires at the country acreage. BBQ is the menu of choice. Food is delicious. Briskets that fall apart under the dullest knife are a specialty of many a Texan. Texans have an affinity for outdoor events, bonfires, and cooking.

Under the Oaks © V. Coskrey
Trees like this make
being outside pleasant in Coastal Texas.
 These trees are in a yard in Brazoria, TX.
Many a family gathering has occurred under these trees.

Get an Icey-Tek Cooler

At Gifts & Gadgets you can buy a picnic-size Icey-Tek cooler. This commercial-grade cooler should keep items cold, even frozen, for days and come with a 2-yr guarantee from the manufacturer. These coolers come in different sizes, the huge 600 quart sizes for commercial fishing or long-range meat deliveries being one. There are sizes for campers that will keep food cold for a week or more and for hunters that need be cold only for most of a day, but big enough to hold large game. Replacement seat cushions, drain seals, and latches are available at this Icey-Tek local dealer.

These are on sale!

Get More Gifts

There are other quality gift items at Gifts & Gadgets. Come on in and look around.

There was a big sale.  Posted on Facebook: "Get 50% off on baby clothes Friday and Saturday only and 50% off on sundresses. Come check out our new merchandise!" I encourage you to see if there is anything left over from the last weekend's sale and see what has just come in.

Getting to Know Cindy

Gifts & Gadgets is owned by Cindy Heard, a former pre-school teacher, a mother, and a very friendly, competent, and stylish, well-dressed lady. She really means it when she says you are welcome to come inside, sit, and chat. I have been into her store several times during the past few weeks and have found her socializing with various people each time.

I asked Cindy why she opened a gift store in such a small town. She told me that she believes in small businesses and their owners as meaningful contributors to the local, state, and national economy. She feels that having many similar stores in a town will encourage more people to shop locally, often visiting several small stores in a day to locate that special gift. Also, this browsing and shopping is part of the glue that binds a community together. Wise lady.

Cindy tries to keep her products unique from what is displayed in other community gift shops. Sure, there is some crossover, but her personal take on style and suppliers makes hers a significant stop for the shoppers of Sweeny, TX.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Get the Look, Texan Style

Hannah, with Texan Flair

Summers in Texas
Call for Cool Clothes

Flowing Tops, Shades, Straw Hats,

Cropped Pants, and Sandals with Bling

Here in Texas we know how to dress for a bright sun  and hot days. We wear shorts or cropped pants with flowing cotton t-shirts, silky tops, or sundresses. These outfits are worn with thick, flip-flop sandals trimmed with faux jewels. A light-weight hat or decorated visor and sunglasses protect us from the sun. A studded purse adds polish. 

All this is available at Gifts & Gadgets.

The Green top below on the right is perfect for a beach cover-up, a top over leggings, or a mini-dress. Of course, most everything goes with jeans.

A Fabulous Look

 Get the Look: Silky Sundresses are on Sale


That's right. A full rack of gorgeous, silky sundresses is on sale now at Gifts & Gadgets in Sweeny, TX. These are so wonderfully cool on those days when the temp soars above 95 or even 100, as it does here most of July and August.  

That silky look, left, comes from polyester or polyester spandex. It feels like nylon or the thinnest silk.  In sundresses of short, midi, or maxi lengths, it drapes beautifully. 

 Children's Clothes


Baby Clothes and Girls Ruffled Shorts
Don't forget to shop for children's clothes when you visit. There are baskets of hair bows, girl's jewelry, and girl's sandals with bling, just like Mom's. Shorts with chiffon ruffles, leggings trimmed with lace, and all those clothes that young girls desire to be as fashionable as all her friends.

Check out the boy's outfits, too.

Sit awhile

Gifts & Gadgets  offers shoppers a space to rest. There is a couch and a TV just waiting for you to relax and visit. Chat a bit. You will still have time to shop. 

Don't forget to browse for the gift items. From crosses to hand-made tea towels to scents, you will surely find that perfect item here.